April 16, 2015

Akademie Der Kunste Der Welte: Conference "Forms of Togetherness (and Separation)"

Katia Kameli, Mars and Venus (Futur), 2014

Part of the Programme Pluriversale at the Akademie der Kunste der Welt, Cologne, I will speak on artist Mounir Fatmi's video Horizontal Fall, 2000 for curator Elena Sorokina's narrated exhibition, Forms of Togetherness (and Separation), next Wednesday, April 22nd, together with Florence Lazar (presented by Sandra Cattini), Katia Kameli, and Franck Leibovici.  

“What are the limits of tolerance? As recent tragic events in France and elsewhere rekindle intense public debates on integration, radicalism, religion, secularity, and freedom of expression, it becomes clear that these issues are relevant far beyond France – wherever global migrations face integration into 'national communities.' Conceived as a 'narrated exhibition,' Forms of Togetherness (and Separation) features artists who explore the ethnic, linguistic or cultural communities and minorities coexisting in European societies today. It takes the form of a onenight live event in which each artist presents or performs a work. Documentary or fictional, these artists’ investigations are akin to Jacques Rancière’s notion of 'community of sense': 'a frame of visibility and intelligibility that puts things or practices together under the same meaning, which shapes thereby a certain sense of community.'”

Wed, 22/4/2015, 19:00
Venue: Temporary Gallery, Mauritiuswall 35, 50676 Cologne